Litecoin Poker Sites

Litecoin has become popular over the last few years as it follows in the same footsteps as Bitcoin. The new currency has been called the silver of Bitcoin’s gold as the same benefits and features are available. Lite coin tends to have a lower volatility than Bitcoin, making it a worthwhile option for both investors and those who hope to use it for online transactions and gaming such as poker. The service has a few new additions when compared to Bitcoin, including the Lightning Network and the adoption of Segregated Witness. These features reduce possible bottlenecks while also offering more transactions per second. Thus, giving members much faster trading opportunities while also having access to faster deposit and withdrawal options with casino and poker sites.

Litecoin was introduced just three years after Bitcoin (2011). The currency quickly found its market and started growing at a rapid rate. Online gaming sites such as poker have only recently added the Litecoin deposit and withdrawal option, which has now become one of the most popular and most recommended platforms to choose from. Most of these sites also offer Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies, giving all members the opportunity to deposit the way they want.

Below, we go through Litecoin poker sites and provide readers with some of the features, games, and benefits available when using Litecoin. We’ll also explain how deposits are made and how you can get your hands on Litecoin.

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Litecoin Poker

The networks that have included the Litecoin banking options have added all the best poker features available. Those that use various deposit options usually sell poker coins, meaning you’ll get a certain amount of coins per US Dollar whereas other amounts are given to users depositing Litecoin or another crypto-currency. Thus, making it fair to all players as each coin holds the same value. Other sites that have included online Litecoin tend to be very similar to regular poker sites as all members use the same currency.

Regarding poker games and features, you’ll find these deposit options deliver no disadvantage as anything from sit’n’go games through to huge tournaments are provided. Most networks offer the same daily, weekly, and massive monthly tournaments. In most cases, a casino section is presented as well, offering slots, table games, and many other casino-based titles that can be played using Litecoin or the coins offered by the casino.

The poker networks have added all the popular games, such as Hold’em and Omaha while others have added specialized poker games, giving members the opportunity to ensure bounty games, knockouts, and more.

Litecoin provides a great benefit for most members using the service at online establishments, including faster banking options, better promotions, and lower fees. Since Litecoin is an online currency, sites tend to remove all fees, meaning bonus can be higher, withdrawals are faster, and everything is more secure as it’s completely anonymous.

How to Deposit with Litecoin

The first thing you’d need to do is get a Litecoin wallet. Those of you who’ve used Bitcoin will know more about these wallets and might be in luck as many Bitcoin wallets have added the Litecoin option. Those of you new to the system, the wallet is the place where your personal Litecoin is kept. Online casinos and poker sites that accept Litecoin will have these wallets listed on their site as a deposit and withdrawal option.

Once you’ve got a wallet with a positive balance, create your casino account. Log in and head over to the banking page. Find the wallet you’ve selected and enter the details required, which should only include your Litecoin address and the value of your deposit. Depending on your wallet, additional security steps could be required, or the transaction will be completed and the funds are added to your account.

The same procedure is needed for withdrawals using the same Litecoin wallet. Be sure the casino allows crypto-currency withdrawals as some only allow USD or another currency, meaning additional information and other banking details will be required before withdrawals are completed. If you want a complete walk-through guide on setting up your wallet and creating your first Litecoin address, check out our guide on how to start playing online poker with Litecoin.

How to Get Litecoin

There are a few ways to earn Litecoin, but that’s a whole new platform of technical information. For those of you simply interested in having the currency in order to play games and make sure payments, most wallets provide the opportunity to purchase Litecoin.

With most wallets, you have the opportunity to enter credit card information, web wallets, use Bitcoin, or other forms of payment to get Litecoin. The process only takes a few minutes and as been known to be highly secure with most crypto-currency wallets.

Be sure to consider the wallets available as only a few provide mobile opportunities with barcodes that can be scanned to complete a transaction. Those who are simply looking for the PC version can use just about any wallets after checking its rating.